2017 China Ocean NGO Forum

The 2017 China Ocean NGO Forum took place in Shenzhen Dapeng New district on the 28 August 2017. A total of 240 people gathered, including renowned oceanographers, Chinese and international environmental organizations, NGOs, public funding institutions, government officials, enterprises with concerns for the sea, medias and members of the public. The main focus of discussion was ocean’s ecosphere problems, as well as the challenges and potential range of actions for NGOs. Goalblue partnered in the organization of this forum.

China Ocean NGO Forum was entirely sponsored by nongovernmental entities, and was also an event with national resonance in all strata of society. Since the inception of the first China Ocean NGO Forum in early December 2015, China’s ocean public welfare organizations started to receive attention and support from the public.

The second edition of the forum had the core mission to “spread knowledge about our oceans” through keynote reports, lectures, thematic seminars, exhibitions and plenty of engaging activities, for the Chinese Ocean NGOs to brainstorm ideas and stimulate avant-garde innovation.