World Ocean Day - documentary protect our oceans

June 8th is the 12th "World Ocean Day". Goalblue and Xinhuanet launched the World Ocean Day campaign. Music Documentary "our ocean, our stories" was released on the different video platforms. Guests from various fields were invited to tell their stories about themselves and the ocean, calling on the public to pay attention to ocean issues and protect the ocean. This campaign belongs to our annual "good for earth, good for me”  project (hereinafter referred as GEGM project) activities. As the guardian of GEGM project, Guo Qilin, a youth representative, enthusiastically recommended the documentary and called on the majority of young people to participate in the action of protecting the ocean, search for GoalBlue为蓝 on microblog or Wechat, and participate in our online petition.


What kind of story will happen between the ocean and everyone? "our ocean, our stories" Music Documentary guests from different fields shared their stories with the ocean. Dr. Zhang Yuyang, who is engaged in coral restoration research and is known as "father of coral", describes the current situation of coral reefs. From the research results and personal experience, he hopes that everyone can pay attention to the protection of corals and protect the sea. Tang Jialing, the Chinese deep diving pilot of Jiaolong, has visited the bottom of the sea 72 times in 10 years, visiting the colorful and mysterious world, and sharing with his own unique perspective, the experience in the deep sea of 1000 meters. The Chinese mainland band and music producer radio Mars provided the theme song for this documentary, expressing their vision and fantasy of the ocean with music. The band thinks that music is equally worthy of love as nature, life and ocean. Geng Bing, director of Qingdao shell Museum, has a collection of 12000 different kind of shells. As the second generation of shell collectors in the family, the love for the sea has made them become a model for the protection of the sea by folk forces, and this love has been developed into a career and inheritance. Chen Hanbin, a photographer and traveler, has traveled through 113 areas of the world, from his own travel and shooting experience, tell us about the beauty and shocking pictures of the ocean, and record the beauty of the ocean with light and shadow, calling for more people to understand, explore, love and protect the ocean. The band Orange Ocean from the perspective of musicians, feels the ocean with music and expresses its love and vision for the ocean with music. The documentary "bring fish to table, bring fisherman home" by China Blue, a Chinese local sustainable fishery NGO shows fishermen who rely on the sea and have the most direct communication with the ocean, share their subtle relationship with the ocean, more shocking and touching content, please search the full content of "our ocean, our stories" on weibo, Wechat, bilibili, iqiyi, Youku, Tencent video, Sohu video, watermelon video and other media platforms.


So, what's the story between you and the ocean? As the co-sponsor of the campaign, Xinhuanet official account on bilibili launched the collection of "World Ocean Day - everyone's ocean" activity, calling on the relevant / Ocean loving partners / KOLs to tell the story between me and the ocean. The story can be a precious time for you to recall the deepest and the ocean, the coastline changes you witnessed with your eyes, or the delicious seafood you can't live without. Pay attention to the "World Ocean Day - everyone's ocean" activity of Xinhuanet in bilibili, with topic labels of "World Ocean Day", and participate in the special activity, you can visit bilibili for more information about participation.


The ocean, accounts for 71% of the earth's surface area, breeds and supplies countless lives including human beings, produces half of the earth's oxygen and absorbs one-third of the carbon dioxide produced by human activities. It plays an irreplaceable role in mitigating the impact of climate change. In 2009, the United Nations officially established the "World Ocean Day" for the first time, hoping that all countries in the world can take this opportunity to pay attention to the oceans on which human beings depend for survival, appreciate the rich value of the oceans, and also examine the adverse effects of global pollution and excessive consumption of fish resources on the marine environment and marine life. This campaign of Ocean Day is looking forward to showing your feelings and thoughts. Let's focus all our attention on the sea and work together for the better marine environment!


GEGM annual project: Good for earth good for me. It is an annual project jointly launched by GoalBlue and Xinhuanet. It aims to call on the public to pay attention to the health of the earth and live in harmony with nature. The project calls on the public to "be responsible consumers" by uniting celebrities who have strong influence to young people, centralizes high-quality resources and media power, calls on the public to "be responsible consumers", advocates behavior change, and jointly creates the future of harmonious coexistence of human and nature. This project pays special attention to the young generation with strong consumption power and strong communication potential. Through the continuous practice of GEGM projects, young people's sense of responsibility and leadership in sustainable concept are cultivated and stimulated. With young people's commitment and influence, China's desire, attitude, action and influence to build ecological civilization are demonstrated to the world.