March 3rd World Wildlife day, GoalBlue launches the annual campaign GEGM

On March 3rd, World Wildlife day, GoalBluelaunched the campaign advocacy with four young celebrities jointly launched theinitiative "I refuse to buy and eat wild animals and their products"with Xinhuanet. Young celebrities Guan Xiaotong, Guo Qilin, Zhang Zifeng andWang Jia, as the first group of "Earth Guardians" for GEGM, havesuccessively made commitments online, calling on the public to pay attention toearth health, biodiversity protection and harmonious coexistence between humanbeing and nature! In just 24 hours,  GEGMtopic has gained 30 million readers. Overall viewership is more than 50 millionin total. Millions of netizens have left messages promising to refuse to buyand eat wild animals and their products.

The earth is thecommon home for all human beings. Nature is the mother of human beings and thesource of human production. To protect the health of the earth, to maintain thenatural biodiversity and to practice sustainable lifestyles are ourresponsibilities and obligations. Caring and loving the earth and nature is howwe love and care ourselves and our future.

Animals andplants are natural creatures and an indispensable part of the earth. Accordingto relevant statistics, the endangered animal and plant species in China are15% to 20%, far higher than the world level of 10% to 15%. As ordinaryconsumers, we can change our consuming behavior and refuse to buy and eat wildlifeand its products.