GEGM Good for Earth Good for Me

“Good for Earth, "Good for me"# GEGM 为地球为自己# annualcampaign, a joint project launched by GoalBlue and Xinhuanet. It aims to speakup with young celebrities who have strong influence and appeal to younggeneration. Combined with the popular and interesting content on micro-blog /TikTok/WeChat and other new media platforms, it calls on the public to "beresponsible consumers" and advocate changes in behavior to create aharmonious coexistence of human beings and our nature in the future. Thisproject pays special attention to the young generation with strong consumptionpower and strong communication potential. Through continuous projects, it aimsto cultivate and inspire young generation with responsibility and leadership insustainable concept. Show China's aspiration, attitude, action and influence inbuilding ecological civilization with the commitment and example of young generationto the world.

The World Wildlife day on March 3 was the launchday of GEGM project. The project launched online with "I refuse to buy andeat wild animals and their products” through multiple young celebrities, whichtriggered an upsurge of online discussion. In the next few months, in order towelcome the 15th Conference of the parties of the United Nations Convention onbiological diversity to be held in Kunming, China, in October, the project willgather the power of "Chinese youth" and concentrate high-qualityresources and the media jointly promote the project of "Good for earthGood for me". The GEGM project welcomes more Chinese youth who care aboutthe earth and are enthusiastic about environmental protection to join in thisactivity, to promote global biodiversity protection and realize globalsustainable development, so that the world can see the determination of Chineseyouth to be responsible consumers.