#GoalBlue Smart Eating# CNY Dinner Weibo Campaign

“Eating” is the common topic between all Chinese people, and the “Chinese New Year Eve Dinner” is the most popular topic among all Chinese. During Chinese Lunar New Year 2017(also known as Spring Festival),GoalBlue launched #GoalBlue Smart Eating# online campaign on the most popular social media in China — Weibo, to invite the public to share photos of their families’ Chinese New Year Eve Dinner about eating more vegetables for a healthy Rooster Year. GoalBlue Smart Eating program encourage people to eat less red meat and more vegetables for personal health and also mitigate climate change.

#GoalBlue Smart Eating# topic as the Top1 over 32 hours on the Public Welfare Topics Ranking. Till 30th Jan, the overall viewership is over 15.294 million.