World Earth Day and GoalBlue; “no meat still happy” is now in its fiftieth year since 1970.

Today, GoalBlue launched a "One WeekNo Meat" punch campaign on Weibo, calling on more people to take part inactions to protect the environment and care for the planet. World Earth Day isa festival dedicated to the protection of the world's environment, aimed atraising awareness of existing environmental issues and encouraging people toparticipate in environmental campaigns to improve the overall environment of theplanet through living a green and low-carbon life.


After 50 years of development, thecelebration of World Earth Day has grown to 192 countries around the world,with more than 1 billion people participating each year, making it the world'slargest folk environmental festival. GoalBlue is a Chinese environmental welfareorganization with an international perspective and a global climate concernthat has been working since its inception to guide changes in individualbehavior, thereby promoting social progress and climate change.


GoalBlue has been actively advocating"smart eating", "clean commuting" and "blue oceans"though an environmental consumption concept. As the only cooperative publicwelfare organization for the Flute Music Festival, GoalBlue hopes that through thecooperation of music and public welfare, more people, especially the youngergeneration of consumers, realize that marine pollution and climate change isnot a far-fetched proposition, it is closely related to our every move. A smallchange in lifestyle can relieve environmental stress and guard the blue planet.In 2019, GoalBlue will work with the Taihu Fan Flute Music Festival to create a"One Week Without Meat" public service.


It helps people understand that as long as"there is music, wine, friends", even if there is "no meat, wecan still be happy". In addition to promoting a positive environmentalmessage, a plant-based food market has been created on site, inviting manyrestaurants with healthy, organic food to work with the iCARE platform, and avariety of magical pure plant cuisines. GoalBlue hopes that through this publicservice, the "environmentally friendly" concept of life will becommunicated to the public, promoting sustainable lifestyles and responsibleconsumption behavior, and contributing to the environmental protection of theearth.