The world turns blue for 'she' to help the 2018 Women's Leadership Forum

Changjiang Business School and the UnitedNations Office for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (UN Women) jointlyorganized the "2018 Women's Leadership Forum: the world changed because ofher" successfully held in Beijing, China, November 28, 2018. GoalBlue was invited to speak on women'ssocial responsibility from a public interest perspective and to speak with anumber of guests.


GoalBlue speaks to the founder and CEO,Dame May Mei. The forum, which focuses on the multiple roles of women in socialchange, invites a number of female leaders from the political, business andsocial enterprise fields to explore key issues affecting women's growth anddevelopment. It inspires women to advance business skills and progress sociallythrough global and innovative leadership. It demonstrates how to use their ownadvantages in future-oriented social innovation, and finally solve the commonproblems faced by all mankind, empowering future female leaders! Ms. MariaGUIMARAES, a strategic cooperation expert in the Asia-Pacific Regional Officeof UN Women, addressed the Forum. She says "We support women's developmentnot because it's the right thing to do, but because if we want to promotesustainable development in the world, it's the only way. Gender equality is notyet evident but must be. Women's unique perspective and keen observation ofsociety and consumers can help companies make more pragmatic plans, so more womenon corporate management teams and boards of directors result in companiesbetter coping with the challenges the world economy faces.” Maria GUIMARAESalso encouraged women friends to continue to move forward, really show ourvalues, share our perspectives, and truly become a leader of women.


Ms. Maria Guimaraes, Strategic CooperationExpert at the UN Women's Asia-Pacific Regional Office, addressed the Forum.


As the founder and CEO of GoalBlue, Ms. MayMEI reviewed her first career in choosing and working for the public good, andthen introduced how to influence the public through media communication, sothat the concept of public welfare is deeply rooted in people's minds. Shebelieves that one needs to receive information first, then be touched in one'sheart, and then finally be able to really act. With extensive experience instudying, living at home and abroad, and working in international publicwelfare organizations, Ms. May MEI founded GoalBlue, hoping to focus onchildren, young people and middle class, sowing the seeds of the planet intheir consciousness from the perspective of lifestyle and popular culture. Forexample, more intelligent and considerate ways of eating such as not usingdisposable plastic straws and so on.


In Ms. May MEI's view, the public good isnot difficult to obtain and it is a way to connect deeply with business andgovernment to provide the best solution for consumers. In the ensuing "sheplays" section of the peak dialogue session, Ms. May MEI said:"Women's greatest strength is the ability to learn and tenacity, whichwill be beneficial for the public good"


“At the same time, as a fellow woman, myexperience is to listen to their own inner voice, whether as an entrepreneur, amother or a public welfare promotor, you want the feelings inside to be mostlistened to."


"She Plays" Peak Conversation

The forum attracted more than 400high-level political, economic and cultural figures to help women empower.


GoalBlue will also make female leadershipone of its priorities in the next public service, speaking out for"she" and making changes through action.