Goalblue’s involvement in the WeBelong forum

The 3rd Webelong forum took place on the 24-25 November 2017 at the Beijing Hilton Hotel. Around 50 startups, from China and abroad, gathered to discuss how to rethink our consumption methods, and how to create new sustainable business models. The main goal of this forum was to promote positive innovation and new creative ways to solve the environmental and societal problems we face. 

Some of the topics tackled in 2017 included social entrepreneurship, biodiversity protection, consumers awareness campaigns, circular economy, Eco-tourism, the Zero Waste way of life among others. One of the theme addressed was design and innovation, with Italian based start-up presenting its vegan leather entirely made from wine marc.

The presentation of these new ideas, solutions and sustainable business opportunities were very inspirational and left many in the audience full of hope for a more eco-friendly world. This forum is the proof that solutions exist, and that there is no problem human ingenuity can’t solve given enough resources. 

May Mei, founder at Goalblue, participated in the panel discussion entitled “Positive News in the Age of New Media," where she shared the story of the ten over years she dedicated to charity campaigning. 

We believe that this collaboration with Webelong is a meaningful one and hope to continue it in the future. The entire two-day conference was retransmitted live via the Yizhibo platform by Goalblue, allowing many to discover these new exiting solutions and inspire to join in to build a better future for our planet.