Hainan: GoalBlue sponsors the Mud Run welfare event “Run for the Ocean”

On the 3rd of October 2017,  Beijing Beetle Sports and the Agile Group partnered to hold the Second Happiness Run in the Clear Water Bay Hainan, China. Goalblue was the sole NGO partner to partner and participate to the event. An army of around one thousand runners responded to the call and gathered to “Run for the Ocean”. The event aimed call attention to the general public about ocean’s pollution and about sustainable fishing, and strive to initiate change in consumer’s habits, to use less of plastic products when not needed, and make a contribution to protect the ocean. 

This year’s Mud Run had a total of 20 obstacles, and Goalblue specially designed three water-related obstacles for the participants to have first-hand experience of the threat of ocean pollution for our lives. Goalblue and the welfare organisation China Blue collaborated to create information boards next to the run’s location to spread knowledge about Ocean pollution and sustainable fishing. The participants had the chance to better understand the meaningful background of the organisation of this run. 

Apart from this Mud Run event, Goalblue also held a photography exhibition named “Blue Ocean” during the Chinese National Holiday period at the Clear water bay at the Agile group property site, Hainan. The exhibition featured a series of work by photographer Chen Hanbin themed around ocean of the sea, the beauty of the sea to create a visual impact hoping to raise people’s concern about the sea.